Gender & Diversity in Contemporary Yoga 2020

Online Symposium:
‘Gender & Diversity in Contemporary Yoga’

22 October 2020, University of Ghent
This one-day symposium brings together scholars investigating yoga and other body-mind-spirit practices from a critical gender and diversity perspective. In addition to this one day symposium IARG has organized a workshop, book launch and holds a annual general assembly. See for more information below.


09:00-09:10: Opening words by Prof. Dr. Chia Longman (University of Ghent)
09:15: 10:15: Asanas, aspirations and agency. attracting women to yoga — Vignettes from Post-War Germany and their impact for critical yoga studies
Lecture by Prof. Dr. Beatrix Hauser (University of Bremen)
10:20-11:20: Is yoga a middle-class girl thing? Questioning hegemonic portraits of yoga practitioners
Lecture by Prof. Dr. Maria del Mar Griera (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona)
11:25-12:25: ”I’m going to be honest and … tell you that I feel like my emotions are all over the place right now”: The work of doing aesthetic and emotional labour in contemporary yoga teaching
Lecture by Dr. Jennifer Lea (University of Exeter)

14:00-15:30: Panel 1: Activism, feminism and inclusion in/through yoga
With Ella Poutiainen (University of Turku), Dr. Cassandra Ellerbe (Bard College Berlin), Prof. Dr. Esther Sanchez-Pardo (University of Madrid) and Dr. Caroline Nizard (University of Lausanne)
15:45-17:15: Panel 2: The politics and spirituality of self-care practices
With Gemma Lucas (University of Exeter), Dr. Aliette Lambert (University of Exeter), Prof. Dr. Sarah De Mul (Open University Netherlands) and Emanuela Mangiarotti (University of Genoa)

For the full program and more info: Yoga Symposium

For registration send an email to and you will receive the link for participation.

Online IARG workshop, book launch & general assembly

In addition to the one-day symposium, IARG organizes a workshop on Friday the 23rd of October. Click here for more information.

The same day, two other events are organized online; a book launch and the annual general assembly of IARG. More information on registration and the specific time will follow soon.

Prof Dr Ulrike E. Auga’s monograph
“An Epistemology of Religion and Gender: Biopolitics – Performativity – Agency”
opens the series “Routledge Critical Studies in Religion, Gender and Sexuality
Ulrike E. Auga, An Epistemology of Religion and Gender: Biopolitics – Performativity – Agency, London/ New York: Routledge 2020.

This book puts forward a new epistemological framework for a theory of religion’s and gender’s role in the public sphere. It provides a sophisticated understanding of gender and its relation to religion as a primarily performative category of knowledge production, rooting that understanding in case studies from around the world.
The publication focuses on the new role of religion and gender in the public sphere in Europe, the U.S.A. and the African context. It analyses the interdependence of religion, gender and neo- nationalisms, scrutinising the biopolitical interferences of nation states and dominant political and religious institutions. It then moves on to uncover counter-discourses and spaces of activism and agency in contexts such as East Germany and the Occupy Wall Street movement. Using gender and queer theory in tandem with postcolonial and post-secular perspectives, readers are shown a more nuanced understanding of critical contemporary questions related to religion, gender and sexuality.
This is a bold new take on religion, gender and public life. As such, it will be of keen interest to scholars of Religious, Gender and Visual Culture Studies and Cultural Critique, Theology, as well as those working on religion’s interaction with Politics, Sociology, Anthropology and Social Activism.

Hardcover/ eBook, 344 pages
Publisher: Routledge
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0367226170 ISBN-13: 978-036722617
Available for library or private order with discount: and/Auga/p/book/9780367226176
Get back to Ulrike Auga to receive free review copies.
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IARG Annual General Assembly 2020 (online/ zoom)
Friday, 23 October 2020, 13.00-14.30 (GMT +1)
(IARG members only)
More information will follow soon (by email).